"Country music from Germany - kitsch and pathos - is not true anymore since the great record "SINGERS & PLAYERS" by STEFAN SAFFER. The songwriter from Leipzig has recorded an outstanding album and with ALEX WURLITZER - I am not exaggerating - one of the most versatile German musicians was behind the mixing desk. Credit is due to him for this strong record next to the main role of the singer."

"At this juncture I really have to point out the great and virtouso instrumental work. When you're named Wurlitzer as a guitarist this is probably such a harsh punishment that you just have to become a superb string artist and have mastery of other stringed instruments beside the guitar as well and knowledge as a producer how to put everything down on tape."
Epi Schmidt

"Are all the good songwriters on their way to the Wild West? And to this group of people you have to count ALEX WURLITZER, the guitarist and songwriter of most of the songs of the band RED BLOOMS without any doubt. Having written a song like "Woodstock's Gone" which begins the record "No Place Like Home" many people would be quite rightly envious of."

Behind redblooms there is guitarist and songwriter Alex Wurlitzer. His deep love for music began as a little kid in front of his father's Tesla-B100 tape machine. Aged 13, he bought his first own Dire Straits record and the rest of the catalogue in the consecutive months. When he was 15 years old he began learning the guitar in a self-taught way and he still feels the same naive, childish love for it as it was then. After his A level exams and civil service he studied electrical engineering for 3 weeks but soon left for becoming a musician and playing with his then band in Dresden. It was the right decision. Years with sparse work and no money followed but there was enough time finding his own self and approach to music. Over time, better jobs came along and two engagements teaching guitar at a private and a public music school which in the beginning was involved with a 7 hour train ride equalling 2 hours of teaching time a day. In 2009 he moved to the Harz Mountains and pursued a more stable life. Hundreds of concerts all over Germany in front of 8 to 8000 people with different bands (e.g. Brogues, Grey Wolf, Red Blooms, Luftschmidt), studio work and teaching music to all ages left a lasting impression of the facets of life. Sharing the stage with other musicians, to convey the joy of making music to children, to realize his own and other people's ideas, learning pedal steel guitar and more about audio engineering are his current and most loved challenges.

The only important question on a personal and musical level is: Does it move you?